This day feels like three days, maybe because of the amount of activities we did after Iftar, already before Iftar I was finishing many things and after I meet the sweet girls from last week. We decided to go to the best knefe       ( Arabic sweet with cheese) in town and went to Feras Sweet in SZR. After we visit spontanive an abaya exhibition in Tusit Thani Hotel SZR, advertised as one of the best. Honestly we couldn’t stop laughing. It was such a fail. Only one big room and all what you can see here… So if you plan to go there, don’t!

ready for my ladies in Zara heels and top and River Island Kimono

Well after this funny experience we drive down to see the Ramadan market in the Trade Center. Free enter able and open till 2 am. Omg, what a joke. The whole market was like a bazar in Deira, so many useless stuff that after only 10 min we decided to leave.

the flyer we got

this is !

Our next destination was the walk. We were super thirsty and stopped by the walk, in Nar till their last round. Life is really about collecting memories b

happy night with these beauties